Our Philosophy

At Nuventure, we strive towards creating a sustainable ecosystem for all your innovations and ideas. As trusted partners of your digital journey towards excellence, we help shape your dreams into viable solutions that enhance the quality of life across the globe… all this, while being environmentally responsive and sensitive in our endeavours!

Open Positions

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Who we are

We are a team of highly skilled, experienced, and passionate engineers who are here to help you develop and deploy scalable digital products for a wide range of industrial and domestic applications.

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Why we do it

The ever-expanding dynamics of a digitally-endowed ecosystem warrant extensive R&D and brainstorming while being affordable and agile. At Nuventure, we ensure that learning never stops and our partners benefit from our decade-long experience in technology to realise their digital magnum opus!

Our Visionary Leaders

tinu_image TINU CLEATUS Founder, Managing Director tinu_linkedin_profile_link
jayakrishnan_image JAYAKRISHNAN A C Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder jayakrishnan_linkedin_profile_link
jasna_image JASNA K P Project Director jasna_linkedin_profile_link
smruthy_image SMRUTHY S ASHOKAN Human Resources Manager smruthy_linkedin_profile_link
rahul_image RAHUL K Engineering Manager rahul_linkedin_profile_link

Our Values


Customer Success

It’s always customer-first at Nuventure! Our agile methodology allows fine-tuning our services as per the dynamic needs and priorities of our customers and helps provide real-time feedback for undisrupted workflow.


Technology Influence

Over a decade of expertise in providing cutting-edge digital solutions makes us the right choice to enhance your digital footprint across consumer segments and create a market niche with innovative solutions that the world has never seen before.


Diversity & Inclusion

We remain committed to being a culturally-inclusive organisation, with all our employees enjoying equal opportunities to showcase their technical prowess. We are proud to have the best minds from across the country scale brand Nuventure towards greater goals.



A perpetually growing digital footprint should not result in a mounting digital carbon footprint. Environmental sustenance forms the backbone of all our activities and we ensure this cause is shared by our customers.

Team's Experience


Software & IoT

Our technical experts are equipped with decades of digital expertise and technical prowess to develop and deploy IoT solutions ranging from hardware, embedded firmware, and backend software applications.


Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud technology experts at Nuventure assist you with effective software debugging, process optimisation, and faster system troubleshooting with our efficient engineering and diversification solutions.


Industrial Solutions

Partner us for solutions across industries ranging from smart home automation, IoT for agricultural requirements, shop floor innovations, and smart manufacturing technology to ensure seamless operations and productivity.