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Share with us your thoughts and ideas about your dream project, we shall take care of the rest. We just do not offer bespoke design solutions, but also make sure that the outcomes of our designs have gone beyond your expectations. Our expert team of versatile engineers guarantee you exceptional quality in all the work we do. Whether it be a concept design or a 3D visualisation or a ready-to-build engineering drawing.

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3D visualization of agricultural irrigation system

Bespoke Irrigation Designs for Your Crops

It is important to do the agricultural irrigation design that is suitable for the type of crop, soil, climate and supply capacity. Irrigation design is a specialist job and should be done by specialists. It is important to know that the poorly-designed irrigation system costs more and has overall poor performance. Our specialist irrigation designers are well-equipped for providing you with a professional agricultural irrigation design considering your requirements.

Rain water harvesting system

Harvest the Rainwater in the Best Possible Way!

Designing a rainwater harvesting consists of five major components such as conveyance, storage, overflow, outlet and delivery. To design an efficient RWH system, it is important to understand the function of each component in-depth. Over design (OD) and under design (UD) are two common mistakes that are seen in many rainwater harvesting projects due to the lack of knowledge and expertise in the field. At Nuventure, we are not a great fan of over designs or under designs, but only the right designs. Contact us if you are looking forward to designing your brand-new rainwater harvesting system.

An Efficient Landscape Irrigation System Design Job is Safe on our Hands

An efficient landscape irrigation system can be designed by understanding the site, determining soil type, determining water and power supply, selecting the most suitable sprinklers and spacing ranges, circuiting the sprinklers into valve groups, finding the suitable pipes, valves and pressure requirements, locating the controller in the right location, etc. The list goes on and on, but do not worry, our specialist landscape irrigation designers can take care of all these aspects and get your final irrigation plan ready within a competitive timeframe.

landscape irrigation system
swimming pool designing

No More Worries About Your Pool Design, We Guarantee You the Best Pool Design!

Building an aesthetically appealing swimming pool can be a dream for many. Maintaining the safety of the swimmers and protecting the pool equipment from damage is also critical. Even though it sounds simple, designing an efficient, long-lasting and durable swimming pool system is a highly technical, complex and demanding subject. Out of their experiences, our expert swimming pool designers can provide you with the best swimming pool designs that are integrated with cutting-edge technologies. Contact us to know more.

Get Your Livestock Water Supply System Designed by the Experts!

A well-designed livestock water supply system has paramount importance in maintaining the good health of the livestock. A good grasp of a variety of topics such as water supply regulations, methods for preventing cross-contamination of water supplies, pumping systems, water treatment methods, flow calculation, etc are important in designing an efficient and effective livestock water supply system. Our engineers are well experienced and knowledgeable in this area. Therefore, we can promise that your livestock water supply design project will be safe in our hands.

Livestock water supply sytems
waste water treatment designing syatem

Water Treatment System Design - Treated by Professionals!

When hearing about water treatment projects, the first few terms that people think about are odours and chemicals with possible health effects. Yes, they can be bad as it sounds, but with modernisation, designing a modern yet sustainable water treatment system is possible with the help of competent engineers. The design engineers at Nuventure comprise a team of competent engineers who are inclined toward sustainable design and can help you to design your modern water treatment plant.

Frequently asked questions

Soil type, land topography, weather, crop type, and water source are the major factors that need to be considered when designing an irrigation system.

Catchments, conveyance systems, storage systems and distribution systems are the major components of a rainwater harvesting system.

Depending upon the area of your landscape, the slope of your property, rainfall amount in your location, whether you have lawn or garden beds, shaded or sunny areas, etc. The best landscape irrigation system for your property can be designed. You would need help from experts like us to do this efficiently.

Some homes have a beautiful slope in their backyard where they are planning to install a swimming pool. Designing and installing a swimming pool in a sloped backyard cannot be left to amateurs as it is a complex and highly technical task. The natural water flow and the steepness have to be considered for this purpose.

ASP or activated sludge process is one of the oldest and most used processes for sewage water treatment across the globe. The other available processes are MBR (membrane bioreactor) system, DEWATS (decentralised water treatment) system and reed bed sewage treatment system.

Never install an STP in a basement. Due to several advantages,an above-ground installation is a preferred method.