Hiring a Remote Developer has Never Been So Easy

Our hassle-free and accelerated hiring solution leads you to the right remote talent from the top 3% of highly vetted candidates. We assure cost benefits up to 70% too.

Vacant roles

Vacant roles hinder project timelines and company growth

Skilled employees shortage

A shortage of skilled employees causes burnout from increased workload

Challenges in candidate selection

Challenges in candidate selection raise costs and delay hiring

Effortlessly Onboard Remote Talent with Zero Hassle and Risk

A well-balanced team can share the workload effectively reducing stress and preventing burnout

Efficient hiring processes and finding the right candidates will save time and reduce recruitment costs.

Having a qualified team will lead to faster project timelines and timely product releases.

Our clients were able to onboard in-demand certified engineers at 75% lesser cost and retain them for 4+ years on average

  • 01
    Highly vetted and background verified
  • 02
    Excellent English language skills experienced with remote work culture
  • 03
    Highly motivated and self-driven employees who works together as a team with onshore employees
  • 04
    Certified with world class qualifications and exposure to Industrial experience
  • 05
    Interviewed by industrial experts

Why businesses around the world trust Nuventure

We do the head hunting, human resource management, compliance while you focus on growing your business

Highly Qualified Engineers


Highly Qualified Engineers


5 Days

From requirement to On-boarding

Highly vetted candidates

Top 3%

of Highly vetted candidates

Cost benefits

Upto 40%

cost benefits

Time zones support


Time zones support

In-demand tech skills


In-demand tech skills

Interview selection ratio


First interview selection ratio

Employee retention rate


Employee retention rate

Quick and Easy Hiring Process

  • 1

    Share job description

    Share us the job description, roles and responsibilities, required skills and experience and the budget.

  • 2

    Review candidates

    We will share you the profiles that fit your requirements within 2 weeks for your review

  • 3


    Once you have shortlisted the candidates, we will schedule interviews based on your availability

  • 4

    Onboarding & Integration

    We onboard the candidate for you and take care of all statutory compliance and employee management including IT equipment.

Top remote developer technologies

  • Python
  • Django
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Node JS
  • .NET

  • VMWare
  • Veeam
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure

  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Flutter
  • Dart Cloud

  • ERPNext
  • Odoo

  • Wordpress
  • Magento
  • Jekyll
  • Shopify

  • Gitlab CI
  • Jenkins
  • Github
  • Ansible
  • Terraform
  • Docker

  • Modbus
  • RTOS
  • MQTT
  • Node Red
Access our white paper

Access our white paper

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Remote Developers

For expert insights on recruiting and managing remote developers effectively. Learn how to evaluate talent, establish a productive work environment, and ensure project success with Nuventure's guidance.

Review Candidates
Hiring For Remote

What are the things to look for when hiring remote

Review Candidates
Best Practices

What are the best practices for achieving productivity, facilitating smooth communication, and ensuring high-quality work?

Review Candidates
Evaluating Candidates

How to evaluate candidates when hiring remotely?

Review Candidates
Efficient Strategies

This comprehensive guide is equipped to address all your potential queries, offering efficient strategies for recruiting and managing remote developers seamlessly.

How can Nuventure assist in forming your remote startup team?

  • With over a decade in US and European talent acquisition
  • Our developers are skilled in agile, scrum, and kanban
  • We aim to swiftly fill this position within one week
  • Leverage our extensive and well-connected network of experts
  • Methods for transparent remote employee productivity
  • Start building a remote development team with no commitment
Start building a remote development
team without commitment

Our Clients vouch for us

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We Hold Certification as an Industry Pioneer

Frequently asked questions

In staff augmentation, Nuventure acts as your trusted partner, providing you with highly skilled professionals who seamlessly integrate into your existing team. We carefully match the right talent based on your specific requirements and collaborate closely to ensure a smooth workflow. Our experts become an extension of your team, working under your guidance and following your established processes.

Nuventure provides a risk-free trial period of up to two weeks for our highly skilled remote developers (subject to availability). This offering serves to cultivate trust and confidence among clients who may have reservations after the interview process, streamlining the hiring process.

At Nuventure, we have a rigorous screening process in place to select top-notch professionals with relevant experience and expertise. We thoroughly evaluate their technical skills, domain knowledge, and cultural fit to ensure they align seamlessly with your team and project requirements. Additionally, we provide ongoing support, regular performance assessments, and open communication channels to maintain high-quality deliverables.

Absolutely! Our staff augmentation services are designed to be flexible and adaptable to your project timelines. Whether you have a short-term project that requires specialized skills or a long-term initiative that demands continuous support, we can provide the right talent for your specific engagement duration.

Getting started is simple! Reach out to our team through our website or contact us directly. We will schedule a consultation to understand your requirements, discuss project details, and identify the ideal professionals to augment your team. We strive to make the onboarding process seamless and efficient, ensuring you have the right talent working towards your business goals in no time.

The salary range for remote developers can vary significantly based on several crucial factors, such as educational background, certifications, additional skills, and professional experience. Moreover, opting for a Nuventure remote developer could prove to be a cost-effective choice, with prices starting from just $1500 per month. Check out our pricing for 2024-25 to learn more or reach to [email protected]. We will get back to you in 24 hrs.

Within 48 hours of sharing your requirements, Nuventure can swiftly shortlist a curated pool of remote developers. This efficient process is notably easier and quicker compared to traditional hiring methods. By following four simple steps, you'll be able to onboard top talent within weeks, bypassing lengthy months of recruitment.

Nuventure excels in offering Staff Augmentation services across a comprehensive range of critical IT areas and departments. Our team of expert consultants and developers is well-equipped to augment your team's capabilities in:
1. Python Development: Leverage our skilled Python developers for robust and scalable solutions.
2. Flutter Mobile App Development: Enhance your mobile presence with our Flutter experts delivering cross-platform excellence.
3. Web App Development: Craft bespoke web applications tailored to your business needs with our seasoned professionals.
4. Software Consulting: Gain strategic insights and guidance from our software consultants for effective project planning.
5. IT Project Management: Ensure the success of your projects with our experienced project management professionals.
6. UI/UX Design: Elevate user experiences with our talented UI/UX designers for visually appealing applications.
7. Quality Assurance (QA): Guarantee software quality through rigorous testing with our dedicated QA specialists.
8. DevOps and System Administration: Optimize your IT infrastructure with our DevOps and system administration experts.
9. CAD Services: Access our skilled CAD engineers for precision and innovation in computer-aided design projects.

When submitting the enquiry form, kindly include the required skills, experience, and qualifications for the tech expert. This encompasses programming languages, frameworks, tools, specific project experience, and domain knowledge.
Also specify the engagement type (full-time, part-time, or contractual) and the project's duration. Furthermore, kindly provide comprehensive details about the project itself and the team that the expert will collaborate with.

1. Sourcing: Nuventure harnesses its vast network and AI-powered platform to connect you with experts who perfectly match your criteria.
2. Screening: Our candidates undergo stringent skill assessments, technical interviews, and personality tests to ensure exceptional quality.
3. Vetting: We meticulously verify references, educational backgrounds, and work experience to guarantee both credibility and cultural fit.
4. Matchmaking: Through a careful analysis of your requirements and expert profiles, Nuventure presents you with the top 3-5 candidates for your final selection.
5. Interview: We will schedule a video interview for the client to directly interact with the candidate and make the final selection.
6. Deployment: We streamline the onboarding and integration process, ensuring a seamless transition as the chosen expert joins your team.

At Nuventure, we prioritize establishing clear and comprehensive contractual agreements with our augmented team members. These agreements explicitly address crucial aspects such as intellectual property ownership and confidentiality. By doing so, we aim to safeguard our clients' valuable intellectual property and ensure utmost confidentiality throughout our partnership. Rest assured; your IP is safe with us.

At Nuventure, we have a team of skilled Python developers who excel in building robust and scalable applications. From web development to data analysis and machine learning, our Python experts can handle a wide range of projects. We follow best practices, utilize the latest frameworks and libraries, and deliver high-quality solutions tailored to your specific needs.

At Nuventure, we provide a comprehensive staff augmentation service that connects you with highly skilled and dedicated QA engineers. With our expertise, you can be confident that your software testing needs will be met accurately and reliably. Seamlessly integrate our team of QA specialists, who excel in both manual and automated testing, into your project to ensure meticulous testing, precise bug identification, and top-quality assurance.

Our staff augmentation services include skilled developers who are well-versed in mobile app development and have experience working on both iOS and Android platforms. Whether you need to build a native app or a cross-platform solution, our developers have the knowledge and expertise to deliver high-quality mobile applications.