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Handheld devices are highly in vogue across age groups today, due to the need to have information on the go. Customers demand equal dexterity from mobile applications (also called apps) as their experience with desktop applications.

There is a growing need for an integrated approach towards high-performing app development in order to provide a secure, easy-to-use, and attractive user experience every time a user clicks to open your app. Any shortcomings here and you risk losing out on the biggest target groups for your product.

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Our Strategy

To address all your mobile app development requirements, Nuventure offers a team of expert mobile developers with extensive expertise in creating the best user experience through the latest technologies.

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Trust us to take care of your entire cycle of app development with a winning strategy in place, coupled with real-time development analysis and planning. Our app designers and developers work closely with customers as part of our agile methodology and carry out our appropriate testing and problem-solving till the application goes live.

But wait, we don’t just stop at this. Our commitment towards our customers is long-term and we monitor the application’s lifecycle to identify pain points and cash in on the USPs. At Nuventure, each application is more than a case study for us… we help your customers live the applications!

Opting for the Mobile-first Approach

We at Nuventure help you create highly intuitive mobile apps that ensure maximum outreach for all your offerings. A dynamic and robust application not only generates more traffic but also pushes your sales graph upwards. The need for an engaging application user interface has become highly crucial in identifying market trends and consumer behaviour.

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Adopting a mobile-first philosophy provides a strong base for more elaborate apps to be developed. Curating and designing your product as per mobile specifications ensures a reliable platform to develop stunning UI/UX designs that make your apps a joy to operate across devices with equal ease and speed.

Designing a usable and feature-rich mobile app involves starting with the most critical elements of your apps. This ensures the best experience right from the word go! The user is greeted with a visual extravaganza and will now look forward to exploring our app further.

Our efficient UI/UX development services help facilitate interactions between users and mobile apps. A dedicated team of experts works tirelessly to maximise the responsiveness, efficiency, and accessibility of your product/solution and showcase it through the best user interface experience in the market today.

Making your apps available across smartphones and other handheld devices enhances your brand’s credibility and makes your product more accessible to users. This increased accessibility goes a long way in creating and sustaining long-term user/customer loyalty.

Our Technological Capabilities

There are hundreds of programming languages available in the market today to develop mobile applications, but at Nuventure, we settle for nothing but the latest technology.

Hailed as the most matured programming language for Android developers, Kotlin goes easy on coding to make it more readable. Of course, you get the Kotlin compiler that detects errors superfast and ensures code safety.

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For our customers looking to deploy an application for Apple devices, we use Swift. It’s fast, safe, secure, and provides better hardware performance. As the preferred choice for iOS developers around the world, Swift combines a host of modern features with the existing benefits of the Objective-C language. Developers can create unique applications for iOS, OS X, and other Apple platforms with ease.

The need for cross-platform mobile app development has also gained momentum over the years. To help customers willing to operate across operating systems, we use Flutter. It promises powerful compositing capabilities that help create attractive animations and graphics.

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Our Wide Array of Products

We at Nuventure offer IoT-based intelligent applications that help you adjust home lighting, check open doors, switch off/on any appliance, and regulate the thermostat. We offer easy-to-use mobile apps so that customers across age groups can control the full range of smart functionalities.

Taking our technology development expertise to other segments, we have developed a smart gardening controller technology. This technology helps regulate the water supply to your gardens, by analysing numerous parameters and requirements. You can have complete control over your garden from anywhere, through a smart mobile app.

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Similarly, we have a range of mobile apps for your swimming pool that help maintain the optimum temperature, chlorine levels, and pH value, while monitoring critical equipment such as water pumps and heat pumps.

There are several other industrial application areas where Nuventure has created highly-engaging and practical mobile apps. The idea is to address customer issues successfully and faster through futuristic mobile applications.

You can leverage our experience across cloud platforms and data solutions to opt for the best technology stack and tools meeting your requirements for customizability and safety. Contact us to know more about the wide range of our products.

Creating Attractive Mobile Apps

For over a decade, Nuventure has emerged as a leading mobile application development company. We are highly skilled in developing and deploying mobile apps that follow the principles and best practices of UX and UI designs, and are adept in addressing and sorting any challenge that crops up.

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Your app is an entire ecosystem that houses all the unique propositions that your solutions offer… make sure it stands up to the test with Nuventure.

Smartphones today have unique hardware and software configurations different from those of laptops or desktops. At Nuventure, our dedicated team of technical experts will help you create distinctive apps that are sure to create a lasting impression on mobile users and provide a great user experience across different mobile technologies.

A common concern among mobile app developers is the issue of layout compatibility across devices. The significant difference in the screen sizes of smartphones or tablets create obvious challenges in ensuring the least inconvenience for a user. At Nuventure, we guide you to successfully overcome challenges related to UI integration and implementation through an adaptive-design methodology. Your apps should seamlessly display all contents, irrespective of the type (or make) of the device used by the customer.

Creating a Responsive Design for Smartphones

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Mobile applications have gained precedence over web applications and desktop applications and we are all geared up to help you navigate your product accordingly. Nuventure’s mobile application development services help your apps function flawlessly across smart devices owing to its mobile-first responsive design philosophy.

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We believe that creating a receptive and highly adaptive app design is a critical element for the success and sustainability of any digital enterprise. Our design development philosophy to create a smartphone-responsive application aims to highlight the most important elements of your product immediately as a user accesses the application.

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Going the Smart Way Forward

The need for a do-it-all device has resulted in mobiles being the de-facto choice for communicating, web browsing, and carrying our complex digital activities that were earlier a forte of desktops or laptops. This has put additional pressure on application developers to factor in smart app development at the top of their priority list and customise their solutions accordingly.

At Nuventure, we understand this paradigm shift the mobile technology is witnessing today. It is therefore our earnest attempt to help you design innovation in a manner most suitable for portable devices. Your creative and informative application will not lose out on any eyeballs with Nuventure by your side.