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Smart Water Management Solutions

Visually inspecting every nook and corner of your water system regularly can be difficult and inefficient. How about having an interactive water management system that provides a bird’s eye view of the complete system? With the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning, IoT, edge computing, cyber security, etc. our customisable water management solutions facilitate the real-time monitoring of your entire infrastructure.

Not only does it provide efficient management of critical resources, but it also provides additional benefits of risk management by generating predictive analytics for improvement based on the data collected. Early leak detection is one of the many advantages of this system.


Globally over 70% of the water is used for Irrigation. Along with soaring water prices, about 1 billion people across the world are facing water scarcity. Therefore, it is important to have an irrigation system with very little to zero water wastage. Whether it be a garden irrigation system or a landscape irrigation system, we have the expertise and solutions that can help you to build your smart irrigation system.

Agricultural Irrigation System

An efficient agricultural irrigation system that can save energy and water can be built by intelligently integrating the right devices. This has become more economical than ever before with the rapid development in water technologies. Nuventure can provide you with the best solutions for your agricultural irrigation needs. We can support you on any topic related to agricultural irrigation. From couplings to sprinklers to automated systems to any topic, you name it.

Landscape Irrigation System

Whether it be a small domestic garden or a massive landscape in the park, choosing the right watering method with the right capacity is important. Nowadays, there are several variants available for the same product in terms of size, capacity, etc. How do you choose the one suitable for your requirement? Our experienced team of engineers can guide you with the right solutions to build a flawless landscape irrigation system.

Domestic Water Solutions

Having a beautiful garden, and a nice swimming pool uplifts the overall ambience of the house. Unsurprisingly the water consumption rate also surges with these facilities. An alternate source of free water and the fool-proof development of domestic facilities can be an efficient solution for that. Undoubtedly, rainwater harvesting is an efficient and cost-effective source of water.

Rainwater Harvesting (RWH)

The catchment area, conveyance system, storage system and distribution system are the major components of an RWH. It is important to choose the right components to build an efficient RWH. Being the leaders in rainwater harvesting system development, the RWH experts at Nuventure are well capable of providing professional guidance and solutions that comply with all the environmental norms.

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Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

Who doesn’t like to have a cosy swimming experience in a nice swimming pool? Everyone does! It is important to know that everybody can build a swimming pool, but building a nice one involves a lot of planning, research and hard work. It is a time consuming process to choose the suitable location for your pool, pool construction parts, pool pump, filters, heat pump, water treatment equipment, piping, installations, etc. No more confusion, only solutions. Get in touch with us to know more.

Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

The Industrial water treatment solutions comprise a variety of purifications as well as filtration processes. These can range from relatively straightforward to highly complex processes. Choosing the right method of water treatment has paramount importance to achieve the projected efficacy. This can be achieved only with the help of experts. Being one of the leaders in the industry, Nuventure can guide you on the right path in all aspects of industrial water treatment solutions.


For keeping the fish and other organisms healthy, maintaining the water chemistry at the right level is critical. Using our smart aquaculture solution, monitoring all the vital parameters of your aquaculture system is easy, efficient and safe. Whether it be a marine or freshwater aquaculture, we help you choose the right solutions that comply with the necessary standards and norms.

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Wastewater treatment

Industrial wastes, effluents and odours are the major concerns that can cause difficulties in building a wastewater treatment system. By choosing the right methods and equipment, these issues can be eradicated to a good extent. We offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services that offer solutions for your water treatment project requirements such as feasibility assessment, concept development, technology selection, environmental studies, service improvement plans etc. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance in finding solutions for any requirement in your water treatment project.

Livestock Watering Solutions

Building a livestock sturdy watering solution comprises several factors including the type of piping systems, filters, pumps, drinkers, etc. Depending upon the type of herds, climate, the strength of the herd, etc., our livestock watering solution specialists can provide professional advice on various requirements of your livestock watering facility.

Livestock Watering Solutions
Water Quality Measurement

Water Quality Measurement and Analysis

Accurate measurements are basic building blocks of the data that are used by the smart water management system for analytics. This analysis generates the best insights for further actions. For quality analysis quality measurement is required. Our quality measurement systems are built using cutting-edge technology to ensure the most accurate measurements and readings which ultimately results in a flawless water quality measurement and analytics system.

If you are looking to build your water management system by integrating our world-class technologies, please feel free to contact us for a free 30 minutes consultation.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, smart water management solutions help to use the water efficiently without any wastage. It also provides insights for improvement based on the data gathered. You can monitor and control your smart water system by using your smart mobile device. If you are looking for a way to bring down the water bill by reducing water wastage, a smart water management solution is the best option to consider.

Generally, there are three types of irrigation: Surface, sprinkler and drip irrigation. In the surface irrigation method, the surface of the soil is used to transfer the water across the field. In sprinkler irrigation, the water is allowed to flow through the pipe under pressure and this water will be sprinkled into the atmosphere at high velocity using nozzles. In drip irrigation, the water is allowed to flow through the pipe and delivered to each plant at low flow rates through emitters. The suitable irrigation type for your crop can be selected by considering several factors such as source, type of crop, soil type, topography, etc. To avoid costly errors and to achieve the desired efficacy, it is always advisable to get support from experts like us.

It is the method of managing the water that is required to keep your grass, plants, flowers, shrubs and trees healthy. Irrigating your garden on a regular schedule is critical for keeping your plants healthy. Due to several reasons, it can be difficult to do this regularly and efficiently. Considering the soil moisture, atmospheric temperature, humidity and other weather conditions the amount of water that the plants require will vary. Monitoring this manually can be hard, time-consuming and may disturb your other priority tasks as well. Therefore, an automated smart irrigation system is undoubtedly the best option.

To find the right storage tank size, it is necessary to get an idea about the rainwater yield per year and the water demand.

Storage tank size can be selected using the following criteria:

  • If the yield < requirement, then a storage volume of 3% of the average annual rainwater yield.
  • If the yield = requirement, then a storage volume of 5% of the average annual rainwater yield.
  • If the yield > requirement, then a storage volume of 5% of the average annual rainwater yield.

Any shape that fits in the space that you have dedicated for building the swimming pool can be selected. The purpose is also a major factor. A family who wants entertainment will consider a different shape than a lap swimmer who has a different purpose.

The following parameters need to be considered when sizing an oil/water separator:

  • Water temperature
  • Viscosity
  • The specific gravity of oil in the water
  • Knowledge about the oil droplet size and suspended solids present.