Flowmitr App

Water supply companies rely on water meters to measure the amount of water used by individual houses or buildings. These are usually installed at the premises and an inspector has to visit and check the meters periodically to bill their customers. The client was the largest manufacturer of Analog water meters based on Hall effect, which were already capable of providing accurate measurements. They wanted to make their meters smarter, so that it is convenient for the users, and also to educate the consumer about their daily and monthly water usage, thereby motivate them to reduce overall water consumption.

Our team immediately got to work. We studied how the water meters worked, how they are generally used, and learned from our clients the common problems faced by them. We built a custom mobile and web app that allows suppliers to monitor the amount of water used by the consumers remotely. To ensure robust functioning and avoid delays or failures, we built in safeguards to detect theft, and to give alerts in case of leaks.

With the app, the entire set of water meters in one building or for one community are connected over a secure network, allowing the suppliers and the owners to monitor the water consumption easily. The app also allows for easy billing and payment using the integrated payment gateway.

Our hardware, software, and cloud integrated solution is generally used for communities who get their water from a common reservoir. With it’s cutting edge technology and user oriented design approach, it has carved a niche for itself in the field of irrigation to provide the best solutions for the community owners.

Key features of the app are

  • Accurate billing with detection of theft
  • Notifying consumers about their usage. Thereby, helping to reduce overall water consumption
  • Real time monitoring
  • Mobile app for water usage and bill payments
  • Integrated system of smart meters, communication networks, and data management system.
  • Generate Consumer bill Receipt
Key features

Technology Stack

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