JSFiddle : Write and share JS easily

Javascript is the backbone of frontend developers. In fact, knowledge in javascript is an added advantage for every web developer. Need some tool/website for trying out javascript?  Need a site which can be used for sharing your js code?  A site that can be used to edit js code by multiple persons simultaneously? All in one, check out jsfiddle.net 🙂

You can edit your js code and can share the code by a unique url using jsfiddle. On the left side of the site, you can select the library you want to use and there are separate boxes for editing html, css and js. Here is an example fiddle using jQuery.


Using collaboration,  you can invite multiple persons to edit your code. Moreover, the site has support for almost all front-end libraries/frameworks. It supports jQuery,  Dojo, ember.js, angular js, underscore.js, Extjs,  prototype.js  and a lot more. Give it a try, I’m sure, jsfiddle won’t disappoint you.

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