How Python saves your time?

Have you ever encountered the “failed to commit transaction” error while updating your Manjaro Linux system? This is a common error in Arch Linux caused by file conflicts during updates. While deleting each conflicted file manually is a straightforward solution, it can be time-consuming when dealing with multiple files.

I faced this issue while updating my working system. I needed to delete many conflicted files, which would have been a tedious and time-consuming task. Fortunately, Python came to the rescue and solved the problem using just a few lines of code.

To use Python for this purpose, the first step is to manually copy the conflicted parts into a text file. Then, we saved the shell output as a text file and parsed strings one by one from it into a Python list. We split the strings based on space, extracted the file path from them, and finally, ran shell commands on those paths from Python.

Here’s the Python code:

import os
file = open("conflict.txt", "r")
for string in file:
os.system("sudo rm " + string.split(" ")[1])

Thanks to the flexible and user-friendly aspects of Python, I was able to solve this problem with ease. Even though there are many options available to solve this puzzle, Python does the job efficiently and quickly.

In conclusion, if you encounter the “failed to commit transaction” error while updating your Manjaro Linux system, try using Python to automate the process and save yourself valuable time. With Python, you can easily manage multiple conflicted files without having to delete them manually one by one.

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