Word of the Day – 9/12/14

WORD OF THE DAY ABET(Verb) /əˈbɛt/ Meaning: To help, support or encourage, especially in crime or wrongdoing. Encourage or assist (someone) to do something wrong, in particular to commit a crime. Usage: She abetted the thief in his getaway. His accountant had aided and abetted him in the fraud. He was not guilty of murder, […]

Word of the Day – 5/12/14

WORD OF THE DAY INSOUCIANT (Adjective) /ɪnˈsuːsɪənt/ Meaning: Free from concern, worry, or anxiety; carefree; calm. Showing a casual lack of concern. Usage: On the plane, I was unlucky enough to sit in front of an insouciant mother who did not seem to care about her child kicking the back of my seat. The stresses […]

Word of the Day – 2/12/14

WORD OF THE DAY STUPENDOUS (Adjective) /stjuːˈpɛndəs/ Meaning: Extremely impressive. So large or great that it amazes you. Usage: We climbed the mountain for stupendous views of the west coast. In view of her fear of water, Jayla’s rescue of the drowning child was a stupendous act of courage. David felt tiny standing among the […]

Word of the Day – 28/11/14

WORD OF THE DAY CONTEMPLATE (Verb) /ˈkɒntɛmpleɪt,-təm-/ Meaning: To think deeply or carefully about (something). Look thoughtfully for a long time at. To have in mind as an intention or possibility. Usage: She sat on the beach and contemplated the incredible beauty of nature. He contemplated the meaning of the poem for a long time. […]

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