Smart swimming pool automation

Smart Pool Automation System :
Swimming Pool Controller


In today's rapidly evolving world, swimming pool management and maintenance require sophisticated solutions that seamlessly combine connectivity, automation, and real-time monitoring. This case study delves into the development of an innovative Swimming Pool Controller, highlighting its robust features and functionalities.

Swimming pool automation

The Challenge

The client approached us with a vision of creating a mobile app  for swimming pool controller that could revolutionize pool management and maintenance.

The key challenges included:

Smart Pool Automation System challenge

Unbalanced water:Unsafe and unpleasant swimming experience.

Smart Pool Automation System challenge

Equipment malfunctions:Costly repairs due to undetected issues.

Smart Pool Automation System challenge

Wasted chemicals:Inefficient use leading to both environmental and financial burden.

Smart Pool Automation System challenge

Limited pool enjoyment: Spending more time worrying about maintenance than swimming.

The Solution

Smart Pool Automation System solution

Real-time data at your fingertips

Monitor 6 crucial water parameters (pH, ORP, temperature, pressure, conductivity, flow) with live data updates every 15 seconds.

Smart Pool Automation System solution

Preventive maintenance alerts

Get notified when sensor readings deviate for pH, ORP and temperature, ensuring timely intervention and avoiding costly repairs.

Smart Pool Automation System solution

Seamless connectivity

Reliable 4G and Ethernet connection guarantees remote access even in remote locations.

Smart Pool Automation System solution

Additional features

Real-time weather updates, energy usage insights, pool history and trends, secure login, and data encryption.

Smart Pool Automation System solution

Effortless equipment control

Adjust settings, turn on/off filter pumps, heat pumps, chlorinator, UV lights, and more, all with a tap.

Smart Pool Automation System solution

Communication Interfaces

Two RS485 Modbus terminals facilitate seamless communication setup with external devices, making it easy to integrate the swimming pool controller into existing systems.

Smart Pool Automation Systemsolution

Schedule and automate tasks

Set custom schedules for filtration, heating, and chemical dosing.

Smart Pool Automation System solution

Installer and customer logins

Dedicated access for pool professionals to fine-tune settings, configure sensors, and manage multiple pools efficiently. Customers enjoy an intuitive interface for effortless control.

Smart Pool Automation System solution

The Smart Pool Automation System empowers you to:

less time
Less Time

Smart Pool Automation System takes the grunt work out of pool care, freeing you up for more dips and less drudgery.

less time
Fewer Breakdowns

Timely preventive alerts keep your pool equipment running smoothly, avoiding costly breakdowns and surprises.

less time
Chemical Savings

Precise dosing and automation means no more chemical overkill, saving you money and the environment.

Smart Pool Automation System

With customized modifications to its controller firmware and mobile app, Smart Pool Automation System transforms into a powerful platform for diverse water management applications. Its adaptability allows it to excel in the following industries:

  • Industrial water management
  • Water treatment plant
  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Residential water conservation
  • Landscaping
  • Aquaculture