What are the top skills to explore in an IT staff augmentation partner?  

With more projects adopting agile methodology of deployment, project management is continuously evolving based on client feedback and evaluation. The phase-by-phase approach following the planning, execution and analysis-cycle demands flexibility and scalability of resources based on needs. Thus, more sophisticated companies started relying on the cost-effective strategy of hiring expert resources on temporary basis for meeting business goals. Staff Augmentation, thus, is now a safe trend relied upon by major companies. Since the necessity of staff augmentation is explained, it is imperative to focus on the essential skills owned by a trusted staff augmentation partner.  

With more companies relying on staff augmentation, there are a multitude of staff augmentation solutions to offer worldwide. Since the candidate hired works remotely and in collaboration with the in-house team and assets, it is necessary to collaborate with a trusted staff augmentation solutions partner like Nuventure, that considers client’s data privacy sacred. To deliver excellence, Nuventure, one of the top staff augmentation solutions partners, recommends the following in-demand skills that a reliable staff augmentation partner should possess.  

Top Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation 

  • Get domain-specific experts for targeted solutions 
  • Experience cost-effective hiring process and recruit on a temporary basis 
  • Enhances flexibility in project as remote-working staff works in a different time zone, keeping the project lively and open always 
  • Allows scalability of resources based on the need 
  • Reduce wastage of office infrastructure and other resources for a long-term commitment 
  • Have full command over the project when compared to outsourcing, as the candidate works under the framework of the client company 

Here are the Top Skills to Consider in Your Staff Augmentation Solutions Partner 

Proficiency in Programming Languages:  

Your staff augmentation partner should have a vast talent pool, including experts in various programming languages. The candidate specialized in one domain cannot afford to be oblivious to other domains. The candidate should be multi-talented, having an expert knowledge of all the services provided by the company so that the resource can pitch in when a need arises for the client. Your staff augmentation partner should ensure the expertise of the candidates on a timely basis as technology gets updated often. Nuventure’s 20,000+ wide talent pool provides ample choices to the client to select the best developer with the required skill set to fill the gap in the project.  

We provide augmentation services for the following domains: 

  • Python 
  • Django 
  • Ruby 
  • JavaScript 
  • Node,js 
  • .NET                                                                                                                 
  • PHP 

Our top developers are well experienced and possess enough industrial exposure to tackle real-life scenarios smoothly. They are given in-house training on the developing technologies, so that they stay ahead of the competing times. 

Expertise in Software development: 

Since the chosen developer works in remote mode, physical technical assistance from the in-house team might be impossible. Therefore, the developer should be self-sufficient in terms of technical knowledge and its applications. Your staff augmentation partner should confirm the expertise of the candidate through assessments and evaluation procedures. A good developer would be adept in  

  • Front-end development 
  • Backend development 
  • Mobile app development 
  • Custom web app development 
  • Web portal development 

Your staff augmentation solutions provider should be able to showcase profiles of candidates having experience in working with frameworks supporting cross platform developmental capabilities. Nuventure’s versatile developers are trained in various software development models so that your project deployment would be smooth.  

Besides, we offer diverse technical support through our efficient and upskilled candidates. Here is a list of services we offer 

  • Cloud Technology 
  • VMWare 
  • Veeam 
  • AWS 
  • Google Cloud 
  • Azure 
  • Mobile Technology 
  • Swift 
  • Kotlin 
  • Flutter 
  • Dart Cloud 
  • ERP 
  • ERPNext 
  • Odoo 
  • Content Management Services and E-Commerce 
  • WordPress 
  • Magento 
  • Jekyll 
  • Shopify 

Strategic Talent Acquisition and Hiring Procedures: 

Staff Augmentation partners should follow standardized recruitment procedures for hiring the most suitable candidate to fill the skill gap of the client. The whole procedure should be legal and transparent, both the parties abiding by the tax regulations and other legal procedures. Besides, the company should ensure that the candidates whose profiles are shared with the client are right fit for client’s need.  At Nuventure, we follow a systematic procedure of recruitment before sharing the profile of suitable candidates with the client. A needs analysis of the client company is conducted, and the required skill set is determined. A suitable list of candidates is derived from our vast talent pool. The shortlisted candidates undergo a rigorous screening process. We not only evaluate their technical skills and domain knowledge, but also their cultural fit to ensure whether they align seamlessly with your team and project requirements. Additionally, we provide ongoing support, regular performance assessments, and open communication channels to maintain high-quality deliverables. 

Our hiring process is simple, fast and cost-effective. 

We follow a four-step procedure to help our client get the best candidate they deserve. 

Step 1: A client shares the required skill set in detail, along with details on the project and its budget  

Step 2: Within the next 48 hours (about 2 days), we share a curated list of candidates with the client.  

Step 3: Based on the availability of our client, we schedule interview for the selected candidates 

Step 4: We help in the onboarding process of the selected candidate and take care of all statutory compliance and employee management including IT equipment. 

So, if you are looking for a trusted staff augmentation partner who can offer accelerated and secure services, contact Nuventure. 

Promoting Effective Communication Skills and Soft Skills: 

Along with the domain knowledge, a good developer should possess good personality skills to handle tough situations. Since the employee is working in remote mode, possessing good communication skills helps build good relationships with not only the in-house teammates but also the clients. Clear communication is essential if employees belong to a different cultural background. For smooth project management, other soft skills like problem solving ability, time management skill and organizing skills are important. Realizing the importance of soft skills and communication skills, Nuventure as one the best staff augmentation service providing company ensures that the candidates are well trained in the essential skills. Our client list includes sophisticated companies from the USA, UK and Europe. Our growth across the past decade shows our dedicated approach towards building a community of advanced developers, proficient in delivering the best to the client.  

Encouraging Continuous Learning of Candidates: 

One of the biggest reasons for the skill gap in a project team is the lack of in-house employees who possess knowledge of updated versions of various technology. Therefore, staff augmentation service provider cannot compromise on training their candidates on the latest trends in technology. An ideal staff augmentation partner conducts timely workshops and technical sessions for the candidates to help them stay updated with the progressing technology. Besides giving exposure to the latest technology, the candidates should also be assessed on the newly learnt in-demand skill so that the evaluation report can be certified by the prospective client. Nuventure ensures that our candidates are well trained on the latest in-demand skills.  

Security Assurance and GDPR Compliance: 

Staff augmentation services provide experts to companies to work in collaboration with the latter’s in-house team and assets. The close association of an external employee with your company on a temporary basis can evoke a fear of security threats in you. Therefore, it is very important to collaborate with a staff augmentation partner that is GDPR compliant and transparent in its data security policies. 

Nuventure is a pioneer in the staff augmentation services industry as we are an ISO 27001 and SOC 2-certified organization. All our developers are GDPR compliant and are well trained to deal with data security measures.  

With upskilled developers to fill even the widest skill gaps and with cost-effective hiring solutions to meet the business goal faster and cheaper, staff augmentation services are one of the most sought out solutions in the IT industry. If you are searching for a secure and smooth collaboration, contact the best staff augmentation solutions partner, Nuventure. 

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