Emerging Trends in Staff Augmentation: Foreseeing the Future of Staff Augmentation 

The number of skilled software developers is on the rise every day. But it seems a herculean task to find that candidate with the skill necessary to fill the skill gap in your project team. Staff augmentation is hiring the right candidate with the required skill set temporarily to complete a task or business objective.  

The digital world is facing prodigious change. With the emerging trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), a new kind of project management is necessary.  A project that involves the latest technologies will demand updated and proficient developers. The terror of smooth project management is the lack of availability of efficient developers at the right time. Hiring a full-time developer would result in financial losses in the long term as the skill set required for one project would be different from that of another. Staff augmentation is an ideal solution for this trend set in the IT industry today.   

Top Advantages of Staff Augmentation: 

Cost-efficient solutions for short time period: 

With a trusted hiring partner like Nuventure, hiring the desired expert with specific skill on a temporary basis is not only easy but also cost-effective. Nuventure Connect has helped clients get a dedicated remote development team with almost forty percent cost benefits, with a smooth hiring process. 

Get domain-focused expert solutions: 

A good skill-gap analysis would help in identifying the right skill set needed for the desired candidate. Through staff augmentation, the client can hire dedicated remote developers to negate the skill gap in the team. 

Access to global talent pool: 

Staff augmentation is not restricted to the local IT market. Ideal team augmentation services allow hiring the best developers from across the world. Realizing the benefits of hiring remote working developers from a different time zone, clients take leverage of staff augmentation services provided from countries belonging to a different time zone. Thus, with the twenty-four-hour utilization of working hours, staff augmentation allows flexibility of work. Nuventure, one of the top IT staff augmentation companies, provides workforce augmentation services for the USA, UK and the European region.  

Caters to smooth scalability of project: 

Agile methodology of project deployment that focuses on continuous customer feedback and subsequent deployments necessitates fluctuating scalability in project management. Depending upon requirements, resources had to be scaled up and scaled down. Staff augmentation provides the scope of hiring developers for both long and short time periods, enabling flexibility in project management. 

Emerging Trends in Staff Augmentation 

Welcoming diversity and cultural inclusion: 

By hiring remote-working expert developers from around the world, the IT industry has become the beacon for showcasing the benefits of inclusivity.  Clients choose expert developers from any region of the world as priority is given to availability of the required skill rather than the cultural fit. This work-culture not only promotes mutual cultural respect among employees but also promotes overall growth of the team through collaboration of various domain-specific experts. 

Rapid upskilling of candidates: 

As staff augmentation is providing candidates on a temporary basis to fill the newly emerged skill gap, it is essential for candidates to be equipped with the latest skills on-demand in the market. Since there is no scarcity of developers in the IT market, the competition to stay updated is high. However, to get the right candidate, who is updated with required skills is tough. At Nuventure, we train our candidates technically so that our clients do not regret their choice. We share profiles of candidates with you only after they undergo industrial exposure and interviews from industrial experts. Most importantly, our expert developers are well trained in soft skills and communication skills so that they can easily assimilate with your project team. 

The gig-economy trend: 

The gig market trend in employment is on its rise. Established companies seek the advantage of skilled freelancers and contract-based employees to get the maximum results with a minimum budget. Staff augmentation is the best means to leverage the benefits of gig economy as the client gets to choose domain-specialized skill with options to choose the period of employment. 

Explore the advantage of hybrid work-force model: 

With an expert augmented team working remotely in collaboration with the efficient in-house team, the progress of the project can be remarkable. The increasing demand for remote jobs and the flexible work culture promoted by hybrid work model enhances the productivity of employees. Besides, the augmented staff working from a different geographical zone can support project deployment during odd working hours of the client, when help from the in-house team would be minimal. 

Resource management which is Data-driven: 

Data-driven technology is not new to the digital world. Automation has replaced human-steered operations on a large scale. Similarly, companies hire candidates relying on AI-generated data analytics optimize strategies for accommodating the newly hired candidate accordingly. Data analytics is thus opted for augmentation services and to assess employee productivity. AI technology by team augmentation companies to conduct skill assessment tests for candidates. 

Focus on work-life balance: 

Companies have begun giving prominence to employee well-being along with business developments. Staff augmentation is an easily sought solution by clients to help the in-house team from work pressure and burn out. Staff augmentation facilitates extra resources for a limited time to perform specific tasks. Thus, the challenge of time bound, humongous work faced by the in-house employees is solved by the extra hands provided through staff augmentation. In short, staff augmentation can aid in the mental and physical health of employees. 

Willingness to upskill on demand: 

Developers are ready to learn new skills if the clients demand one, without hesitation. For our proficient employees, learning on demand is not just for meeting client’s expectations but also making use of the valuable opportunity to learn a new skill. Thus, with an increased reliance on staff augmentation for expert employees, candidates are taking a step further to stay updated. 

Why You Should Opt for Nuventure’s Staff Augmentation Services?

Nuventure can be your ideal and trusted staff-augmentation partner for smooth project deployments because we promise 

  • Highly vetted candidate from our 20,000+ talent pool 
  • Fast recruitment, in 5 days 
  • 40% cost benefits
  • 2x employee retention rate 
  • 75% first interview selection ration 
  • 5+ time zone support 

Hire a dedicated remote development team with  Nuventure after a two-week free trial of our exceptional services.  

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