IoT: How It’s Changing Our World

Our world is ever evolving. From smart assistants to driverless cars, all our childhood fantasies are now turning into realities. Technology is on the rise and soon, our textbook ideas are coming into life, rising up to the challenges of our changing world.

Internet of Things (IoT) has grown incredibly, facilitating the technological boom across various industries. IoT is changing our world for a better tomorrow.

IoT is creating a new, quantifiable and measurable world, where people and businesses manage their assets in an informed way, making more timely and better-informed decisions about what is needed to be done. This new connected world brings fundamental changes to society and to their consumers. IoT creates many practical improvements in our world, increasing our convenience, health, and safety while improving energy efficiency and comfort by analyzing the world. Business Insider predicts that by 2020 there will be over 24 billion users.  IoT is in fact, bring change to our world we know in various ways.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances help us to manage our household chores better. The devices like a smart refrigerator which help us remind the provisions needed to buy or smart lighting systems helping us save our electricity bills come quite handy in our everyday lives.

For example, Samsung has brought its Family Hub refrigerator, which does everything from playing hit tunes to managing your grocery list. Grocery management has a  simple concept. Three cameras are placed to take photos of the interior of your fridge each time when the door is opened. The photos can be accessed from a smartphone to see what goodies you need to buy.


IoT is well-suited for healthcare. It collects and monitors data from devices so that more and more doctors and the hospital will make use of this emerging technology to track the vital statistics of their patients. Hospitals have already begun to use smart beds to inform nurses when a patient leaves their bed, which can also adjust to a comfortable posture for an individual patient. There are microbots used to track detect the changes in temperature and other statistics of a patient.

Cleaner and Smarter cities

IoT helps cities improve their public health. Cities suffering from chronic pollution, such as Delhi and Beijing, have begun to deploy sensors designed to alert residents when the containment levels are dangerously high.

Internet-linked sensors, along with software and a data analytics platforms have enabled cities to provide smart water technology, automated street lighting, remote-controlled irrigation for parks and fountains, smarter waste management, digital bus routes, and smart parking meters. The IoT-enabled urban services have reduced traffic jams and pollution, as well as conserving water, light and energy usage. IoT based solutions are often used to control traffic jams. Solar energy based IoT devices helps to cut down our natural resources.

Smart Agriculture

From massive agribusiness players to small organic farmers, farmers and producers all over the world are users of IoT to reduce their consumption of water, fertilizers, cut waste and to improve the quality or yield of their products. From tracking the climate to closely monitoring the temperature changes and humidity levels, IoT plays a major part in agriculture as perishable goods move from field to warehouse to store in order to extend their shelf life and eliminate waste.

California’s recent historic drought forced farmers to search for innovative ways to reduce water consumption. Technology helps them with tools like drone imagery and soil sensors, measuring real-time conditions. This precision agriculture can enable farmers to cut water and fertilizer use by up to 40 percent, without reducing yields.

Abundant Food Supply

Farmers may adapt to the new technology at a slow pace, but eventually, it will do the job. As farmers realize the benefits of assessing potential conditions of a crop in real time, analyzing and knowing exactly how to proceed with the farming techniques, the more they will use smart devices in farming.

More the usage of smart techniques for farming, more the product. This will lead to an abundance of food supply around the world.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy will be on a rise as devices will depend on green sources for power. Transportation is a field where major changes will be visible, while connected homes will easily run on solar and wind power. A Smart Grid may soon come in place, making power to be distributed more efficiently causing fewer blackouts and brownouts. Smart meters and thermostats will also make an impact.

IoT has limitless possibilities on changing this world to a better one. The world is evolving and so is our technology. The changes in the upcoming years is almost impossible to imagine. IoT empowers the users to be more informed and make data-based decisions about shared resources. Whether we live in a crowded city or on a remote farm, the Internet of Things can take us to a better future.

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