Googling tips

Google is part of everyone’s life.  Especially people who are working in software industry, google is inevitable. If you can search google effectively, you can become a king in software industry. So, here are some tips and tricks that make your life easier 🙂

  • define : If you want to get the definition of a word use ‘define’ keyword.

    Eg: define  word
  • time: Get the time of a location.

    Eg: time ottawa
  • weather: Get the weather of a location

    Eg: weather ottawa
  • Calculations: Do your mathematical calculations in the search box

    Eg: sin(ln(sqrt(31E4)))
  • “search_term”: Search for the exact term.

    Eg: "India"
  • -search_term : Used for excluding a word. This is especially useful for words with multiple meanings, like Jaguar the car brand and jaguar the animal.

    Eg: jaguar speed -car
  • filetype: Used for filtering your results with given file type.

    Eg: If you are searching for css tutorial and you only need ppt files. Then, search css tutorial filetype:ppt
  • site: Search within a site or domain. It used when you want to get results from a particular site.

    Eg: If you want to get results only from, search python comprehension
  • related: Search for pages that are related to the given url.

    Eg: You know facebook is a social networking site and you want to know what are the other social networking sites. Search
  • info: Get information of site.

    Eg: If you want get information about a site, say,  search
  • conversions: For unit conversions use in or to operator

    Eg: 1 pound in kg

Happy googling 🙂

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