Microsoft Exchange Server: Mailbox Databases and Circular Logging

Microsoft Exchange Server is Microsoft’s Email, Calendaring, Contact, Scheduling and Collaboration platform. Originally developed as an email system, Exchange Server has evolved over time and has expanded into a groupware solution with advanced features. It is now a foundational component of Microsoft 365 as a software as a service (SaaS) offering in the Microsoft cloud […]

What happened to Eucalyptus? The Heart of AWS Public Cloud!

Eucalyptus is an open-source platform that implements IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service style cloud computing. As an IaaS product, Eucalyptus allows flexibility in provisioning our own Cloud resources on a needed basis. Eucalyptus also is an acronym Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems. This is the open-source appliance that […]

Performance boost your cPanel websites: Using NGINX reverse proxy with caching

CPanel/WHM is web hosting Control Panel software developed by cPanel, LLC. It is one of the most popular offerings provided by web hosting companies. It enables website owners to easily and efficiently manage their websites using a feature-rich and web-based interface working from a single dashboard. cPanel uses the Apache HTTP Server as the webserver […]

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