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IoT project- Swimming pool automation

NorsupOne swimming pool automation

One of our clients, a water supply equipment company based out of Europe, wanted to develop a swimming pool automation and monitoring system. They are a major manufacturer and supplier of plumbing accessories and equipment and wanted to develop a system that would aid the modern homeowner to easily manage their swimming pools from anywhere in the world.

Usually, a swimming pool is maintained by manually monitoring the water level, water quality, pH, chlorine levels, etc and running the pumps and other systems accordingly. This usually meant taking manual measurements of the pH, chlorine levels, etc, and adding the specific chemicals in the correct quantity. In short, maintaining a pool was not an easy task for an average resident user.

Our client wanted to develop a system that is capable of monitoring the various parameters of the pool and take actions based on the various sensor values.

They wanted a mobile app with which the end-user can control this entire system capable of the following:

  • Automating the swimming pool
  • Controlling the heat pump and variable speed pump which include on/off, speed adjustments, etc.
  • Controlling the salt chlorinator
  • Controlling the swimming pool lighting
  • Controlling the sensors (pH, ORP, Temperature, and EC).
  • Maintaining the various chemical parameters (pH, chlorine, etc)
  • Diagnosing any malfunctions in the system and notifying the customer and the installer about it.

Our engineers got to work and delivered exactly what the client had in mind. As the end product will be used by the common man, the application UI was a key aspect. The app must be robust, with a clean and easy to navigate interface. We developed the app in such a way that a layman who has no idea about the underlying technology could use the smart monitoring system to maintain their pool with the least effort.

We used frameworks such as Flutter, Firebase, and Python, to develop the mobile applications on iOS and Android.

The app will notify the customer about chemical levels in the pool, and let them visualize and analyze the data.

Using Flutter, we were able to leverage the cross platform technology with less development effort.

In case of any malfunction, the system will notify the pool owner as well as the installer, along with a report on where the error occurred with more details of the error including error codes, which makes it easier for the service team to troubleshoot the problem, even remotely.

Essentially, with the help of IoT and cloud technology, an otherwise manual and repetitive process was made smart and automatic.

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